One of the things I like most about being a non-believer is that whatever I do now to help another human, I know for sure I do it just because I want to. As a christian, you may want to help others, but there is that nagging feeling of guilt if you do not help. Guilt here. Guilt there. Guilt everywhere. It really does take the joy out of helping others.

The guilt is gone now. If I can help another person, I have a choice in the matter. Moreover, if I don’t want to help – for whatever reason – the choice is mine and I don’t feel guilty in the least.

Helping others really is a beautiful thing when it is just one human giving help to another human. That is how it should be. It becomes far more self-serving when there is an invisible deity standing over your shoulders threatening you with visions of a fiery condemnation if you don’t want to help.

Humans have outgrown their need for gods and religions. We are capable of making decisions for the betterment of our species outside of religious dogmas. We don’t need to pretend there’s a god watching our every move to make sure we don’t mess up. And when we do mess up, we don’t need to run to a god for forgiveness, we just need to clean up our own mess.

We are not like our forebears who did not know about viruses, weather patterns or radio waves. They felt the need to explain the unexplainable through divine intervention. Humans have made great advances in medicine, technology and science to shed light on the unexplainable. We don’t have to fear the unknown anymore – or temperamental gods.

Now if only humans could lay down their superstitious and mystic ways and embrace the promising future.