Well, I did it. I told my family that I am an atheist. Sort of. I posted a CNN poll on my FaceBook page this week that asked, “Do you believe in God?” The atheists got a hold of this and voted up a storm. The figures looked like 33% – Yes and 67% – No. A nephew saw my post and voted then gave the results at the time of his vote. Another family member then asked he if was trying to say he did not believe in god.

This went back and forth until he said he struggled between being an agnostic and atheist. I said I had the same struggle. Then my daughter piped in that she did, too. I imagine our VERY christian family (as in ministers…including me at one time) was having a fit, but no one said a word. Then late last night, that same family member said her life was a testimony to the existence of god (because she had been in a serious car accident and recovered).

She went on to say that if anyone should be mad at god, it was her, but she thanked god for giving her a second chance at life. Hmmm. Does she think I am mad at her god? She doesn’t understand that one cannot be mad at something that does not exist.

The good news is that at least a part of my family knows how I feel now. We all know what the bad news is. I will have to hear the hellfire and brimstone sermonettes at every turn, as will my nephew and daughter. However, the family doesn’t know there are several more in the family who have yet to come out of the atheist closet. The holidays this year should be very interesting.