I admit it, all of my life I have been someone who questions authority – including, authority within the church (in my previous life as a christian). However, it wasn’t until I went to college after my children were all in school that I learned to question everything. It started with President George Bush. I voted for Bush for his first term, but it was during that term that I realized that I can and should question everything. I did not vote for him again.  Newspaper

While in college, I majored in print journalism and one of the the first things the instructors instilled in their students was to question everything. A favorite saying of one instructor was, “If your mothers says she loves you, check it out.” Since it was already in my nature to question authority, the mandate to question every person I interviewed as a journalist was absolutely natural for me.

I have never been a trusting person and my distrust lent itself to suspect even those closest to me. However, the one thing I never seriously questioned was my belief in god. I did question the existence of god once when I was about 20 years old. However, since I grew up in christianity, I was taught scripture from very, very young. During this particular period of questioning god, I went to a big field near my house to contemplate this dilemma and a scripture about how nature proves the existence of god came to my memory and quashed any doubts I had at the time.

As years went on, I fell back on that experience in the field for assurance without realizing I used a scripture from the christian’s bible to prove the existence of the christian god. I did not have the necessary tools at that time to make a more informed decision. It was not until many years later that I came face to face with the fact that the god of christianity was no more real than any of the various gods worshiped by humans.

In my ideal world, we would be taught to question the existence of gods instead of being taught to blindly accept some invisible being in the sky. We would be taught to deal with life’s issues the best we humanly can instead of relying on an unseen force to take care of things for us. When I questioned the existence of god, that is when I finally saw the futility of blind faith and the absurdity of relying on prayers for guidance in life.

What is my advice to any and all who believe in gods? If your god says he loves you, check it out! Question everything!

(I use the word “he” when referring to gods, because most gods worshiped by humans today are male)