Last week I posted about coming out about my atheism to my very conservative christian family on my FaceBook page. Other than one statement, things had been quiet on the home front. Then this morning my husband got THE phone call from his dear mother. Mom-in-law is a sweetheart and the primary reason we have not been more open about our non-religious stance.

I scathed by untouched and my husband took the brunt of the conversation. The first thing out of mom-in-law’s mouth was, “Do you believe Jesus is the son of god and that he died on the cross for our sins.” Hubby skirted the question and talked to mom-in-law for quite a while. He made some excellent points to her on why those who are religious should not be dogmatic about their stance (ie. christianity is the only way to god), but she returned to the same question over and over again.

In her eyes, if Hubby believed in Jesus, then he was saved. In the end, Hubby finally said, “Sure, Mom.” I know, no fireworks today. But what does it really matter? If she wants to believe he is saved, fine. Let her live and die in peace. Meanwhile, we continue to be atheists.